I want families to have tangible memories that can be revisited every time they see their photos. 

My heart behind the lens

I am a wife, a mother of two, a photographer, and a doula in Fresno, CA. 

Not too many years ago, I was a new mother who deeply felt the saying, “The days are long, but the years are short.” I didn’t document the first few years of my children’s lives with anything other than a grainy camera phone; and I so deeply wish I had. Every season of life should be properly documented. I am so passionate about capturing childhood and family interactions. I value the beautiful simplicity of documenting you all just as you are. The perfectly imperfect. 

When I first started photography is was because I was witnessing beautiful, once in a lifetime moments unfolding before me as a birth doula. I loved the intimacy and raw wonder of it all. I couldn't stand the thought of families not having those tangible memories of them working to meet their baby! It is such an honor for me to capture families year after year.  Truly, my greatest joy is for the in-between moments when you forget the camera is there and I can show you a glimpse of how beautiful your family is. I bring a documentarian heart into every session and also leave space for the posed moments as well. I believe every family is worth celebrating and documenting.  Let's celebrate yours!

A few of my favorite things

Huge fan of water. Drinking it. Waterskiing on it. Laying beside it. 

Comfy clothes are my jam. Leggings for life!



I love quoting movie lines in normal conversations. The invention of GIF’s has been a game changer for me. 


My sweet loves.
My reasons why. 


i love capturing maternity because...

What a special time it is! There is so much excitement and love for each other and your baby. It is so fun to document!


i love capturing Birth because...

The raw and intimate connection that can be captured in an image is powerful. Having a timeline for your birth journey can be very impactful. I will never stop being amazed at how strong mothers are.


I love capturing newborns because because...

Babies change SO quickly. That newborn phase is such a blur of sleepless nights, sore bodies, and sweet snuggles. I love giving families images that will transport them right back to the newness of it all. 


I love capturing families because...

Time moves so quickly. I want families to not only  remember, but to celebrate all of the different seasons of their lives. 


i love capturing milestones because...

The first year of your baby's life is full of so many special moments! From their first giggle, to first steps... It is such a sweet time. My goodness, does it go fast! 

Are you ready to capture your special memories?